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About my Yoga Journey

Hello and welcome to my Yoga Blog. So nice to see you here and to know that you're also interested in Yoga.

Yoga Journey, Yoga Blog

Five Years ago I found my way to Yoga. Before that I was more interested in Dance and always saw Yoga as the warm up and the stretching part of dancing classes. But then, five years ago I reached a point in life, when I had to start over my life, when I had to handle a lot of changes and had to find the way back to myself.

Yoga is not about touching your feet, it's about what you learn on the way down.

How I started my journey

Five years ago I was still studying law at the University of Bern. Back there we had the awesome possibility to do every sport we wished for and a friend of me and I decided to try a power yoga class. Our intention was to get fitter and to exercise more in our everyday life. Because of years of dancing experience and probably also a bit of genetic luck I was always very stretchy and realized soon that I was already able to do a lot of the yoga poses. Because I'm a human being and like stuff that I'm good at, I continued. After a while my friend stopped but I kept going. I realized that the yoga session helped my mental health (which wasn't at a very good place back then) and wanted to deepen the experience.

Yoga Teacher Training

2021 during the Corona pandemic I decided to deepen my yoga knowledge and started a yoga teacher training in Bern, where I lived. I did a 200 hours training, which went on for 10 months. I had different yoga teacher, who teached all the different aspects of yoga. I got into all the breathing exercises and learned a lot morn about meditation and yoga philosophy. The more I practiced to more I realized that yoga made my monkey mind getting calm. First it wasn't my goal at all to become a yoga teacher, I just wished to enhance my knowledge. But after a while and after teaching during the teacher training I found my pleasure in it and decided to start teaching yoga classes.

Being a Yoga Teacher

At the end of 2021 still during corona pandemic I started with my own yoga class in a yoga studio in the old town of Bern. The start was pretty hard. Back then, my yoga network wasn't very huge and mostly my friends and my family were the only visitors of my classes. In the early summer of 2022 I started a new project and did a outdoor yoga class once a week. At the same time I got a job in a fitness center, where I was able to teach a yoga class once a week. Also I overtook a private class of a friend, witch includes four to six women. Because of the new classes I stopped my studio class. In 2023 I started a power yoga class at unisport Bern. All these classes are still on and I love teaching every single one of them.

When I learned something about my yoga journey as far, it is that you have to be brave and don't overthink too much. If you want to give it a try, just do it. And also the less pressure you make yourself the more likely you'll become successful.

Much love,


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