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Breathe in. Breathe out. It's all good. 

What does Yoga mean to me?

For me, yoga is the path to being mindful of myself and the environment. ​​ Thanks to yoga and meditation, I am able to balance work, leisure time and relationships more calmly. In addition, yoga has not only given me better access to myself, but also a wonderful community of benevolent people. ​​

My yoga classes are characterized by a flowing and activating physical part. In addition, I incorporate breathing exercises and singing (more on this below). ​ In my lessons I attach great importance to a healthy alignment of the body and always look for the balance between strength and stability as well as lightness and joy. For me it is important that you can build up the confidence to listen to your body and complete the yoga practice within the scope of your individual possibilities. ​ I would be happy to accompany you on your personal yoga path.


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About me

Außergewöhnliche Qualität

Hi, I'm Lara 

I'm a 90s child and I'm living in Bern. I'm working as a special education teacher and studied psychology and law. For me, to learn is one of the biggest gifts in life. I'm a family person and love spending time with my friends and my butterflydog, called Yuna. 

I found my way to Yoga when I reached a difficult part in my life and when I needed to find back to myself. For me, Yoga is so much more than just movement, it makes me feel whole, free and home at the same time. 

I'm so happy to have found it and I would love to share my experience with you. 

Much love, Lara

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